Shadowcharm Caves

Hello and welcome to Kagetsuya's records of the Shadowcharm clan! These were once housed at the Dragon Trees wiki, but when that was taken down (and later remade), they were moved here. Records there will also be kept, but this is home base now.

Dragon Cave

The Dragon Cave — or "DC" — is an adoptables game that involves raising dragons. There is a time limit of 7 days for a dragon to progress from one stage to the next. Players post their eggs and/or hatchlings on websites in order for them to get views and clicks. When a dragon gains enough views/clicks and when enough time has passed (eggs/hatchlings don't hatch/mature before the 4-day mark), they advance to the next stage (egg -> hatchling -> adult).

Player accounts are also called their scrolls. When a dragon is caught (stolen, adopted, etc.), the player records its information on their scroll. While the base gameplay is simply the acquisition of new dragons, players are free to make their own goals, from striving to collect male and female adults and hatchlings of each breed to starting and maintaining lineages and families. Many also like to build stories around their dragons. The description feature enables players to make their dragons unique by giving them their own backgrounds and personalities.


The Shadowcharm clan refers to the dragons (and two chickens) listed on Kagetsuya's scroll. The name 'Shadowcharm' was derived from the meanings of the kanji of Kagetsuya's name: 影 (shadow, silhouette, or phantom) and 艶 (glossy, luster, glaze, polish, charm, colorful, or captivating). (Source: Jim Breen's WWWJDIC)

Site Map

  • The Clan
    • Dragons: the full roster of Shadowcharm dragons, listed by name.
    • Dragons by Breed: dragons listed by breed.
    • Breeding: breeding-related information— mated pairs, singles, etc.
  • Projects: information on breeding and lineage projects Kagetsuya is currently involved in.
  • Clan Lore: world-building and random extras. Because Kagetsuya is big on writing and RPing and cannot be content to simply collect the pretty pixels. 8D ("Maintained" by Domini, scholar and self-proclaimed clan librarian.)
  • Kagetsuya: that's'a me!
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    • Extra: things that don't belong anywhere else, such as links out, collection of non-DC adoptables/pets, etc.


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